Blashill gone

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Re: Blashill gone

Post by JimIsJustPlainOld »

EuroMan wrote: Sat Apr 30, 2022 10:55 pm
JimIsJustPlainOld wrote: Sat Apr 30, 2022 3:02 pm
EuroMan wrote: Sat Apr 30, 2022 2:41 pm This is the best news for our team in 5 years. I said it multiple times that the fact that Yzerman waited for such a long time is really grounds for firing him as well
You can piss off, cause you have no clue to what you're talking about.
All good reasonable points. Very impressive. Now can you go and get your mom please.
Fine, but I'm going to need your help digging her up.

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Re: Blashill gone

Post by cska91 »

My two cents are this move is about three years overdue. I am usually pretty accepting of other people's opinions, but if you are puzzled about Blashill hate, you are either trolling or don't know shit about hockey.

As for replacement, I am with Pop in that I really would rather see the Wings go after a coach with a solid reputation, someone the players will respect, and who has a proven record of achievement. That immediately eliminates a lot of the names being bantered about, including Larionov, Lidstrom, and Fedorov, even though Fedorov just won the Gagarin Cup in his coaching debut with CSKA after going down 1-3 in the finals.

Gronborg doesn't do it for me either. There is just no history of success of European coaches coming to the NHL. It's a different game in Europe.

Lambert doesn't fit the mold either, but I am more open to having him coach the Wings, given the reputation he has around the league and how highly Trotz has spoken of him. However, I read that Yzerman doesn't want to hire anyone who is a friend because the personal relationship may be affected down the road.

If DeBoer becomes available, I think he would be an excellent choice. Claude Julien would be another coach with experience and demonstrated success in the NHL. Joel Quenneville is also a great coach, but he is also a distraction at this point.

Anyway, plenty of great candidates are available and more maybe on the way. Staying with Blashill for another year would have been madness. The fact that he is gone tells me that Yzerman feels there is enough talent on the team to contend for playoffs.
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Re: Blashill gone

Post by Slapper »

JimIsJustPlainOld wrote: Sat Apr 30, 2022 9:23 pm From Hockey Feed, 3 potential replacements for Blashill. The third one a definite NO. ... 2_9CulqqT4
Hockey feed is a trash blog, all kinds of whining about fighting and nonsensical speculation bullcrap.
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Re: Blashill gone

Post by attica »

lol. the fact that they even mentioned babcock, the legend in his own mind, cracks me up. Seemed like Babs effectively ran yzerman and shanny out of town. i remember that last game against edmonton with like a minute or so left, extra skater on the ice, and babcock benched yzerman in what was ultimately his final game. Arguably our best faceoff guy on an o zone faceoff. The play resulted in a rebound that came out to the high slot, and nobody was there. the exactly same play yzerman had scored a bunch of goals on that year. It wasnt long after that that i think it was pierre told yzerman to ask himself if the coach trusts you in key situations, and yzerman retired shortly after.

Dont get me wrong, i know yzerman was old, and broken down,and may have retired anyways, it might have even been for the best. But he should have been on the ice. I think it was the same year that shanny left for less money to the rangers.

Babs was an arrogant clown, and what guys who played for him already knew is public knowledge now. No way hes ever coming back here, especially not when the GM played for him.
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Re: Blashill gone

Post by hiramnicak »

attica wrote: Sun May 01, 2022 10:15 pm Seemed like Babs effectively ran yzerman and shanny out of town.
Shanahan hired Babcock in Toronto, did he not? And Yzerman gave him the bench for Team Canada… not sure those guys hate his guts.
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Re: Blashill gone

Post by winged wheel »

Listening to Yzerman's press conference today, Yzerman said he doesn't really have any set criteria regarding head coaching experience or NHL experience other than somebody who he knows somewhat on a personal level and is comfortable working with. He mentioned how he didn't really know Guy Boucher at all when he hired him in Tampa whereas he worked with Jon Cooper for 3 years before making him coach.

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Re: Blashill gone

Post by CoconutBackwards »

Barry Trotz was fired in New York after this god awful season the Islanders had.

Maybe, Yzerman will give him a call?
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Re: Blashill gone

Post by Wizard of Corsica »

CoconutBackwards wrote: Mon May 09, 2022 11:17 am Barry Trotz was fired in New York after this god awful season the Islanders had.

Maybe, Yzerman will give him a call?
Seems like a complete no brainer. The Islanders were so damn close last year. The team had bad luck and got old real quick. I think he’d have fun molding the group Yzerman’s bringing in. Roughly the same age as Bowman when he took over, although not much else is similar at this point.
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Re: Blashill gone

Post by wyrrlen »

It's possible to bring Lane Lambert with Trotz, though I suspect there's a team or two out there that would want Lambert as the head coach. It definitely checks the box for Yzerman wanting someone he knows personally to coach.
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Re: Blashill gone

Post by Pop Zeus »

Trotz/Lambert together would be good.
Not sure what went wrong in Trotzville this year. They started slow.
Trotz might just want to take some time away. He was still under contract, right?
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